60 Minutes August 28

This weekend 60 Minutes has Pauline Hanson and a lot more 

Back to the Future
Without doubt Pauline Hanson is the most provocative politician ever elected in Australia. But she’s also one of the most persistent and resolute. Hanson first took on Canberra two decades ago, and although she only lasted two years in the federal parliament it was long enough to cement her name – and her controversial views – in our nation’s psyche forever. Against the odds, and despite the warnings from the Prime Minister that she wasn’t welcome in Canberra, Hanson and her One Nation Party were big winners in this year’s federal election – she and three of her colleagues were elected to the Senate. Hanson is now well and truly back, and wielding significant power. Since her victory Liz Hayes has been allowed extraordinary access to join Hanson as she travels the country celebrating her resurgence with family and friends, and encountering the odd foe. In a revealing interview Hayes discovers a side to Pauline Hanson few have previously seen.
Reporter: Liz Hayes
Producer: Ali Smith

Being Barbra
Just remember, it’s Strei-sand, not Strei-zand, the minders warned Michael Usher before he sat down for this interview. Good advice, because Barbra Streisand has a fierce reputation. Sure, the 74-year-old singer and actor is a genuine superstar, but after six decades at the top, it’s whispered that she can also sometimes be a diva. In his final interview for 60 Minutes, Usher prepared for the worst but hoped for the best.
Reporter: Michael Usher
Producer: Phil Goyen

Keep Out!
Queensland farmer Kane Booth ran a successful multi-million-dollar cattle business until three coal seam gas wells were drilled on his property. He didn’t want the wells on his farm but was powerless to stop the gas company doing what it wanted. Kane says the drilling affected the water supply, which rendered his land useless for fattening cattle. Two months ago he told 60 Minutes how he’d been forced to abandon the property and sell off his herd. Not surprisingly the decision had a devastating effect on the Booth family, but they vowed to never give up the fight against the big gas companies. This week, some substantial developments and surprising admissions. Finally the Queensland Government has acknowledged there’s a problem, and have sent representatives from various departments to inspect Kane’s property. There’s still a long way to go, but for the first time in years this proud farmer can smile.
Reporter: Allison Langdon
Producer: Laura Sparkes

8:30pm Sunday on Nine.