The Bachelor has a chocolate bath

The Bachelor has a chocolate bath

Last night The Bachelor was sweet and sour.


Alex opened the doors of the Bachelorette mansion to find Richie leaning against a shiny red Ferrari. They took off in style to enjoy an afternoon making chocolate at a beautiful country manor.

Surrounded by chocolate and many sweet treats, Richie and Alex were challenged to design a chocolate block that best symbolised each other. It did not take long before things got messy in the kitchen.

After spending the day learning new things about each other, Richie had another surprise in store for Alex in the form of a decadent 300-litre chocolate bath. Alex could not believe her eyes as the pair approached the bath, situated outdoors among moon-lit trees, candles and roses.

As they slipped into the bath, the romantic setting got the better of Richie and he revealed to Alex that he feels fireworks when he is around her. Richie presented Alex with a rose dipped in chocolate, before they continued to kiss, talk and laugh the night away.

All of the remaining Bachelorettes were invited to attend tonight’s group date. On arrival, the ladies were greeted by Richie in a kilt. Richie explained that his surname Strahan is Scottish. Proud of his heritage, he invited the girls to compete in the first ever Bachelor Highland Games.

With Sarah and Rachael as team captains, the Bachelorettes’ competitive streaks emerged as they competed in traditional Scottish activities including tossing the caber and eating haggis. The result was a tie between the teams and they all headed to a barn for a traditional Scottish dance.

At the dance, Richie disappeared with Sarah but unfortunately nerves got the better of her and their conversation was cut short.

At the cocktail party, Richie continued to try to find out more about the mysterious Olena. They spoke about her struggle to express her emotions and she came to the realisation that it was time to open up or risk going home.

During the rose ceremony, Sarah failed to receive a rose. “Richie is a lovely guy and I am disappointed I wasn’t the right girl for him,” she said. “It’s really a shame I didn’t get that one-on-one time with him to establish anything more but you can’t do much about it.


“I have my fingers crossed there may be a perfect man out there for me, hopefully he will be there on a dirt bike!”