60 minutes August 18

60 minutes August 18

Bruce Springsteen gives another revaling interview to Liz Hayes this weekend,

Crude Solution

When petroleum giant BP spilled millions of litres of crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico 3 years ago, it was the worst ever offshore oil disaster. To try and break up that massive slick, vast quantities of chemical dispersant was sprayed on the spill. It seemed to work: the oil disappeared. But people started getting sick and then people started dying. Now, this environmental disaster has become a health catastrophe. The dispersant, when mixed with the oil, increases in toxicity by 52 times. This sickly, invisible toxin, still lurks in the water and absorbs straight into peoples’ skin. In this special 60 Minutes investigation, we reveal the same chemical dispersants have been sprayed on the Great Barrier Reef and off the north west coast of Australia. They’re still approved for use and our authorities are clueless as to how deadly they are.

Reporter: Michael Usher Producer: Jo Townsend

Love Twist

You could never accuse Rex and Melissa Pemberton of having a dull marriage. They met while base jumping in Australia. Then, they declared their love for each other as Melissa hung precariously from a snagged parachute, halfway down a gorge. Their latest trick involves Rex soaring through the sky wearing a wing suit, reaching speeds of 160 kilometres per hour while Melissa, in a stunt plane, performs breath taking loops around him. It’s man versus machine for this husband and wife. They vow to love, honour and avoid collision. Trust is everything in this marriage.

Reporter: Charles Wooley Producer: Steven Burling

The Boss

After more than four decades in the rock and roll business, you’d think Bruce Springsteen might be slowing down. Wrong. He’s about to turn 64, and “The Boss” is on fire. As he winds down one world tour, he’s already preparing for another – which will once again bring him to Australia. Springsteen has sold more than 120 million records to his disciple-like fans. He prefers to speak through his music, talking of a spiritual connection with his audience. And when Liz Hayes caught up with him in Ireland, she discovered a man ready to bare his soul.

Reporter: Liz Hayes Producer: Stephen Rice

8 PM Sunday on 9