Big Brother’s house guest and nominations finally locked in

Big Brother’s house guest and nominations finally locked in

Last Night Big Brother was packed to the rafters with the arrival of a new house guest. 

a nine month old Smithfield Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog from the Animal Welfare League of Queensland, Mr Clooney

The housemates were told to prepare themselves in their best attire for an exciting visit from an international award winning celebrity, and were greeted by a long red carpet, champagne and canapés in the yard. BIG BROTHER sends the Housemates into shock as he announces Mr George Clooney is entering the house. The arrival of a dog causes excitement and hysteria among the Housemates, and Mikkayla is appointed chief carer.

Housemates were Matthew from the Sunshine Coast was sacrificed by Mikkayla as she swapped her place in the Half Way House with him to save herself from next week’s eviction.

Caleb finds a present which BIG BROTHER has left for the Housemates on the kitchen table. Inside the box reveals a music player and a wrapped parcel, suggesting the Housemates play a game of Pass the Parcel. Xavier appoints himself to control the music, and accidentally drops the iPod, causing the music to stop, while the parcel is in Mikkayla’s hands. The parcel which she unwraps awards her the power to swap a Safe House Housemate with a Halfway Housemate; she chooses to save herself, while sacrificing Matthew.

As a result of tonight’s show, all six newly nominated Housemates, Tahan, Tully, Xavier, Ben, Rohan and Matthew will be forced to live in the Half Way House until the Evictees are announced on Monday night in a massive Double Eviction live show.

Here’s how to vote to save your favourite Housemate:

SMS – to save Tahan, Tully, Xavier, Ben, Rohan or Matthew text their name to 199 55 999.

Phone – phone the below number of the Housemate you want to save:

Tahan: 1902 55 95 13
Ben: 1902 55 95 01
Tully: 1902 55 95 15
Rohan: 1902 55 95 10
Xavier: 1902 55 95 16
Matthew: 1902 55 95 08

Facebook – “Like” the Big Brother Facebook page (, click on the BIG BROTHER Voting Application and follow the instructions to submit a vote to save your favourite Housemate.

Voting lines are now open with Facebook voting closing 8.00pm AEST and SMS/Phone voting closing at 8.30pm AEST next Monday, August 19.

The two Housemates with the least number of saving votes will be evicted from BIG BROTHER during the live Double Eviction show 8.00pm next Monday.

source 9 Press Release


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