Sunday Night August 18

Sunday Night has an interview with Joe Hocky on the campaign trail.

Dying for Perfect Skin
About 85 per cent of teenagers will suffer from acne at some stage, but what many desperate families don’t realise is the drugs their children are prescribed to treat acne can have serious – sometimes fatal – side effects. Roaccutane, Diane-35, Yasmin and Yaz are popular acne and skin treatments, but each has a trail of patient horror stories that hasn’t stopped doctors prescribing them for even mild cases of acne. Julian was an intelligent and sporty young law student when he was prescribed Roaccutane in 2008. His family was not warned to look out for mood changes, despite the drug having a long history of depressive, suicidal side effects in those who take it. Little over a year later, Julian had taken his own life. Four years on, his devastated mother is still searching for answers as to why her young son was given such a powerful drug for what was a mild cosmetic problem. Together, the drugs have caused dozens of deaths across Australia in recent years.

Slim Joe
The most surprising political story you will see this election campaign. Joe Hockey is hardly your typical Liberal politician. He was named after a Labor Prime Minister and his father was born and grew up in Palestine. But within months, Joseph Benedict Hockey could have one of the toughest jobs in Canberra: the next Treasurer of Australia. Getting there, though, has now been made much tougher. What once seemed a landslide Liberal win is now a neck-and-neck race to the finish line. And that’s not the biggest battle Joe Hockey has faced in recent times. Late last year, after a lifelong fight with obesity, the federal member for North Sydney went into hospital for radical weight loss surgery. He did it after his young daughter asked if he was still going to be around to attend her wedding. It was a life changing moment for the amiable pot-bellied pollie. Sunday Night is on the campaign trail with Hockey as enters the ring for the fight of his life. Peter Fitzsimons reports.

Cycle Wars
When two tribes go to war the consequences on our roads can be disastrous. On Australia’s roads, car drivers and cyclists are involved in a battle of the bitumen. Are bicyclists a scourge on our roads, or just misunderstood? Seems everyone in Australia has an opinion on them. Drivers and cyclists all share the roads so we need to get along – but why’s it proven so hard? In this sure-to-be-controversial Sunday Night investigation, we speak to people on both sides of the debate: drivers who accuse their lycra-clad warriors of playing by their own rules and causing havoc, and cyclists who say drivers intimidate them, ignore them and put their lives at risk each time they’re on the road. It’s a story that will change the way you look at who you share the road with. Reporter Alex Cullen dons the headgear to hear both sides.

8pm Sunday August 18 on Seven



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