Are Cameron or Lee in love with The Bachelorette

Are Cameron or Lee in love with The Bachelorette

Will Cameron  or Lee win Georgia’s heart? based on these first impressions they have a pretty good shot.

the-bachelorette-australia-s2-cameronWest Australian bachelor Cameron, 26, took a chance on his dream to become a firefighter over two years ago. But now he has decided it is time to take a chance at love and follow his heart.


Cameron comes to The Bachelorette Australia mansion searching for someone with a positive outlook on life, and someone who is quick to smile and laugh.

Could this tall, dark and handsome fellow be the man to light Georgia Love’s fire?


the-bachelorette-australia-s2-leeMeanwhile, mechanical plumber Lee, 35, is looking for the elusive “one”.


This well-travelled bachelor, who was once crowned Victoria’s Hottest Tradie, is on the search for the perfect girl with whom to plan his next adventure. He wants someone who is outgoing, active and family orientated.

Aiming to make a lasting impression, Lee surprises Georgia by arriving with a donkey, hoping it will earn him some one-on-one time at the rose ceremony.

With two handsome men vying for her attention, who leaves Georgia wanting more? Find out 7:30 pm Wednesday, September 21 on Ten