The Bachelorettes Take Richie Home

The Bachelorettes Take Richie Home

Last night  the remaining four Bachelorettes took control, inviting Richie to their hometowns to meet the people who matter most in their lives.

In Victoria, Alex welcomed Richie to the Mornington Peninsula, the place she and her six-year-old son Elijah call home. Alex told Richie that he would not be meeting Elijah today. Although he was looking forward to meeting him, Richie understood Alex’s reasoning that it was something they could experience in time, if she was the last girl standing.


Instead, Alex took a slightly apprehensive Richie to meet the man of the house, her brother Adam. Adam asked all the tough questions, inquiring about whether Richie had ever cheated on a partner and what he really thought about dating a single mother.

The next day, in Sydney, Richie met Olena at a tennis court, where she demonstrated her passion for the sport. She prepared Richie for meeting her family and told him that her Dad’s approval was key to her happiness.

Richie got off to a rocky start, revealing his love of motorbikes to Olena’s Dad Andriy, who, in turn, revealed motorsport was his own pet hate. Richie took some hard hits as ex-professional boxer Andriy showed him the correct way to throw a punch, and stumbled when Olena’s younger sister Julia asked him if he was ready to settle down. In a father-daughter chat, Andriy voiced his concerns to Olena that Richie could be saying all the same things to other girls.

Back in his own hometown of Perth, Richie began his date with Rachael with a spot of beach fishing. Over a drink, they chatted about her family and she warned him to watch out for her father. Richie settled in easily with Rachael’s family, even winning over her father, before her siblings took the reins and fired off a series of tough questions.

Richie then headed to Northam in Western Australia to meet Nikki and her extended family. The pair spent a day at the races, before Nikki took him to meet the most important people in her life. Her sister’s partner Snowy asked Richie if Nikki was his number one, before leaving him with some sound advice.

Nikki’s mum Barb could see the instant connection and Nikki revealed to her sister Dani that she is in love. With Dani’s encouragement, Nikki told Richie that she was totally in love with him and had known that for a while.

Rachael, Alex and Nikki headed into the rose ceremony confident about the time they had spent with Richie. Olena, however, was still feeling unsure about his feelings towards her. But with only three roses to hand out, it was Rachael who was left without a rose.

On leaving, Rachael said: “Coming in here, of course, you would love to be the girl at the end. I came here with the intention of finding a partner I can spend the rest of my life with.

“It hasn’t worked, but that’s fine. At least I gave it a shot and he could see the great potential in me.”

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