The Bachelor finds his final four

The Bachelor finds his final four

Last night’s Richie took his final five Bachelorettes off-road on a camping trip to see how they coped in the great outdoors..

With only five Bachelorettes remaining, the pressure was on for Richie to decide whose families he would like to meet. He decided it was time to go back to basics, get back to nature and take a trip to the great outdoors.

Arriving at a completely bare campsite, Richie and the girls got straight to work unloading supplies, pitching tents and setting up home for the next two days. While most of the Bachelorettes were at ease in the no-frills surroundings, city girl Olena was out of her comfort zone.

Richie told Alex that he loved seeing her interact with the other girls, noting that she seemed to have just as much fun with the group as she does with him. He further explained that although they shared so many similarities, he was not taking lightly the decision to date someone with a child.

Nikki took alone time with Richie as an opportunity to let him know how much she missed him. She declared that she had no reservations about Richie meeting her family and was confident in her feelings for him.

Richie had a conversation with Olena about what would be in store if he met her family. But when she asked Richie what would happen if her family did not like him, he was thrown off-guard.

Faith, Nikki and Rachael joined Richie for a fun game of kayak polo. Faith’s commitment to the game won her some precious alone time with Richie, who wanted to see a more serious side to her. Faith admitted concern that introducing Richie to her family would solidify her feelings for him. But a fit of giggles kept Faith from delving further into her feelings, leaving Richie frustrated.

Richie then took Alex and Olena billy kart racing and while Alex showed her adventurous side, Olena struggled with the race.

Heading into the  rose ceremony, all five Bachelorettes felt uncertain.  Although Faith could see a future with Richie, he did not feel the same way and the 26-year-old Queenslander was left without a rose.

Richie walked Faith outside to say goodbye, with Faith telling him: “I hope I find another guy out there like you.”

Faith had no regrets, explaining: “It definitely hurts because I felt like there was something there. But I don’t regret anything. Richie is such a great guy and whoever he chooses in the end is going to be one lucky girl.”