10 announces Australian Survivor Podcast Talking Tribal

10 announces Australian Survivor Podcast Talking Tribal

If following along at home wasn’t enough 10 has announced a podcast to accompny the All Stars season of Australian Survivor.

The digital companion will break it all down, Talking Tribal will delve  into the strategy, the alliances and the drama that played out during All Stars, Talking Tribal fleshes out theories behind the game play each week, and who will ultimately be crowned Sole Survivor.

With special guests along for the ride, including international podcaster Shannon Guss and popular ex-Survivor castaways, it’s a must for any Survivor superfan.

Introducing the biggest Survivor fan to beat all superfans, James Mathison (just don’t tell fellow superfan Osher Günsberg who claims he holds the title!). After hosting Australian Idol for six years, and going head-to-head with former PM Tony Abbott in the 216 federal election, James knows how to break down gameplay like no other. And he certainly won’t hold back on who he thought made the right moves, and where eliminated contestants went wrong.

Hosting alongside James each week is the King of the Jungle, the one, the only Luke Toki.Despite falling agonisingly short in his second attempt to be crowned Sole Survivor on last year’s Survivor: Champions vs Contenders, Luke proved himself to be the true People’s Champion. A fan-generated GoFundMe campaign showcased just how closely viewers had taken the lovable larrikin into their hearts, leaving he and his family $500k richer in the wake of his devastating exit.


Knowing the ins and outs of many of the current castaways in Australian Survivor: All Stars, including ex-tribemates of his own, he will no doubt be on the money when theories come into play.


So sit back, relax, click here and get down to the real nitty gritty of Australian Survivor: All Stars with Talking Tribal.

Talking Tribal.  

Premieres Friday, 31 January At 4pm.  

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