It’s A Romance Not A Showmance On I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!

It’s A Romance Not A Showmance On I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!

He’s used to dealing with snakes in Hollywood, but we don’t think Perez Hilton was as prepared for the snakes loaded on top of him in tonight’s trial. All 100 of them.

Lying in a dark and dingy cavity underground, we hosted Perez a VIP welcoming party in the Viper Room.

There wasn’t a burlesque dancer in sight…but we did chuck a few Burmese pythons his way instead. Smashing his way to victory, Perez won all 12 stars and the record for the longest time spent in the snake chamber.

As brilliant an addition he is, there were a few celebrities who had their reservations. One of whom was Rhonda Burchmore, who has been scorned by gossip journalists in the past.

But Burchy, and the rest, were prepared to give Perez a chance. After all, you shouldn’t believe everything you read.

Because according to fake news out today, camp couple Ryan Gallagher and Charlotte Crosby are bonking behind a heavily-patrolled long drop.

But what we will happily confirm is true—is that the relationship is getting serious.

Opening up to jungle bestie Tanya Hennessy, the girls talked all things love, sex and babies.

Charlotte admitted Ryan is everything she is searching for in someone, and she liked that he made her feel loved, safe and protected. She conceded that they were at perfect stages and ages in their life and he was definite husband goals.

The talk turned to babies, with Tanya admitting that she had been trying for a bub for over a year. But could probably put more effort into the baby-making.

While canoodling together in bed (and we reiterate, not behind a long drop) #Rylotte finally admitted they were perfect for each other, and honestly guys just make it official already.

No sooner had Perez put down his belongings, was Erin Barnett on him about spilling the tea on his biggest celebrity fallouts.

Dishing the dirt on his famous feud with Lady Gaga, Perez said they used to be friends before she betrayed him and let fame get to her head.

Tune in tomorrow night to see Rhonda, Charlotte and Miguel get dunked in gunk, and another unlucky celebrity bids farewell to camp life for good.


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