Hendrix’s Havoc Leads To New Arrival

Hendrix’s Havoc Leads To New Arrival

Erinsborough welcomes a new face in the form of Pierce’s ex.

Hendrix (Benny Turland) has been causing trouble for weeks, and when we last popped into Erinsborough, Chloe (April Rose Pengilly) had taken the step to inform his mother on his recent behaviour.

When we pick up tonight, Pierce (Tim Robards) and Hendrix brace for the arrival of Lisa (Jane Allsop), and Pierce is on edge. He’s certain his controlling ex will leave his own relationship with his son in tatters after having spent so much time trying to rebuild it. Having taken leave, Lisa is prepared to stay in Erinsborough for as long as required, but will she be able to put her son on the straight and narrow, or has Pierce rightly predicated that it’ll make things worse?

Casting Jane Allsop as Lisa was a masterstroke as it allows us to explore the family dynamic onscreen, and this could just be the ticket to moving Hendrix forward into the wise and caring character we saw in Erinsborough High.

Either way, you’re not prepared for what’s ahead, so get ready for a story arc you won’t see coming and one you can’t miss.


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