Zumbo’s Wonka Hat Defies Gravity

Zumbo’s Wonka Hat Defies Gravity

It was another chocolate filled adventure on Zumbo last night

The eight remaining dessert makers on Zumbo’s Just Desserts had to conjure up a creation that defies gravity tonight in a show filled with wonder and magic.

Insurance Broker Ali was named Dessert Maker of the Day for the second time this competition for her Chocolate Spheres with Peanut Caramel. “It was a very beautiful looking dessert,” Adriano Zumbo said. “It was full of texture, surprise and magic!”

No-nonsense mum Kate and brickie Michael failed to cast a spell with their creations. Kate, who has already survived one Zumbo Test, plated up Spiced Profiteroles with a Cup of Chai. “You had fantastic flavours but the anti-gravity element let you down,” Rachel Khoo said.

Michael’s Flying Fruit Flan was praised for its concept but the pastry was too thick and lacking in flavour.

The bottom two were wishing they could pull off a magic trick of their own and disappear after Zumbo unveiled his most anticipated creation yet – Hat Trick.

Jaws dropped in disbelief at the floating Willy Wonka hat, inspired by Zumbo’s favourite childhood film starring his hero Gene Wilder. But the surprise didn’t end there.

Zumbo poured hot chocolate over the levitating hat, which slowly melted away to reveal an upright ice cream cone. “This everlasting gob stopper consists of a soft cheese filling, tomato jelly, burnt sweet corn custard, chocolate chipotle ganache, avocado and sour cream mousse encased in a taco corn chip coating,” he said

Thankfully neither of them had to make their dessert float. However, Zumbo did reveal the magic behind his awe-inspiring trick. “The dessert is floating by the use of two magnets, creating a force between them.”

With three hours on the Dessert Factory clock, Kate and Michael made valiant attempts to recreate Zumbo’s epic masterpiece. Kate was victorious by two points, scoring 11/20. “Your chocolate was thin, shiny, it had that snap and it melted beautifully when we poured that hot sauce all over it,” Zumbo said.

Michael, from Noosa, is still making making magic in the kitchen and keen to purse his first love, pastry. “I’ve had a great time,” he said. “It’s time to down the tools and follow my dream.”

Zumbo’s Just Desserts continues next Monday and Tuesday at 7.30pm


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