Zumbo farewells another cook

Zumbo farewells another cook

Last night one of Zumbo’s hardest dishes brought one contestant crashing back down to reality 

The top four dessert makers on Zumbo’s Just Desserts dipped into nature’s pantry for tonight’s Sweet Sensations Task.

Their challenge was to create a dessert using fruits of the same colour. Insurance Broker Ali cracked the flavour and colour code to take out Dessert Maker of the Day for a record third time. Adriano Zumbo declared her Lemon Yoghurt Mousse with Pineapple And Banana Ice Cream the ‘dish of the competition’. “It was so tasty and well balanced,” he said. “Top notch dish.”

wo of the most outspoken contestants faced off in the Zumbo Test after the fruits of their labour didn’t pay off. Daniel plated up an incomplete Mango, Mandarin And Orange Sphere after falling short on time and tripping up on his de-moulding. “You had this really clever idea to make it look like an orange but you struggled with getting it done,” Rachel Khoo said.

Kate, who has survived two Zumbo Tests already, presented a Pear, Green Apple And Lime Tart. “You were trying for 50 shades of green in your dessert,” Rachel said. “There were so many green tones but they were all very subtle. There was nothing very vibrant and fresh.”

For the Zumbo Test, Zumbo unveiled a dessert inspired by another one of nature’s splendours… flowers. Called Nancy’s Garden, it was an ode to his keen gardening mother.

The interior featured a grapefruit curd, panna cotta, cheesecake and yoghurt and geranium foam. The outside was piled with leaves made of filo, shortbread, isomalt and chocolate along with compressed watermelon, grapefruit segments and watermelon sorbet.

With three hours on the Dessert Factory clock, it was a sledge fest as the mouthy duo set about conquering each other and the epic recipe. “I’m going to win today because I’m more skilled,” Daniel boasted.

But his confidence came crashing down after he overcooked his cheesecake. “You lost that velvety texture,” Zumbo said.


He scored 13/20, four points less than Kate who powered to victory. “You nailed it,” Rachel told her. “Your biscuit leaves were thin and crumbled in your mouth; your panna cotta was wobbly, perfectly set.”

The Bendigo bouncer is keen to give up his day job and make desserts his full time passion. “It’s an experience for me to work on the one thing that I love and that is desserts,” Daniel, 25, said. “My skills have increased here and they’re only going to get better. For Zumbo, I’ll make sure I send a copy of my book!”