The Bachelor selects his final two ladies

The Bachelor selects his final two ladies

In the penultimate episode of the series Richie and his final three Bachelorettes jetted off to the romantic paradise of Bali.

For his first date in the tropical surroundings, Richie and Alex enjoyed a tranquil getaway in Ubud. After riding bikes through the rice fields, they discussed their families and how their relationship would work. Richie revealed that he was open to the idea of moving to Alex’s hometown of Melbourne in order to accommodate her five-year-old son Elijah.

Later, Alex got serious, asking Richie how his family might respond to him dating someone with a child. Richie assured Alex that his family would just want him to be happy.

Richie’s next date was with Nikki and the pair explored their adventurous sides. After an adrenalin fuelled experience of being towed behind a boat on an inflatable biscuit, the couple settled in for a candlelit champagne toast and traditional Balinese blessing. Nikki was open about her feelings, telling Richie that she had fallen in love with him. Richie told her that he believed they fit well together and that a life together would come easily for them.

Lastly, Richie took Olena to a picturesque surf beach for her first surf lesson. Both Richie and Olena still had a lot of questions that needed to be answered for their relationship to progress. Olena opened up to Richie, explaining that after her hometown date, her family had been filled with concerns. She worried that life in the real world would prove too difficult for the couple, highlighting Richie’s life in Perth and hers in Sydney as a huge obstacle.

Richie assured Olena that it was important for her to be honest with both herself and him, but he expressed frustration at the constant roadblocks he felt their relationship was having to endure.

While she worried their relationship would be a “hassle”, Olena entered the rose ceremony happy that she had been open and honest about how she was feeling. But with Nikki and Alex each receiving a rose, it was Olena who was left empty-handed.

Richie took Olena aside and explained that while he had glimpses into what their future may hold, glimpses were not enough. Olena replied: “It was a great pleasure meeting you. And having to go through this whole crazy ride, I was glad that you were there by my side. I really hope that one of those two girls is someone you are going to be loving for the rest of your life.”


The Bachelor finale airs 7:30pm tonight.on Ten