Would I Lie To You? Season 2 Review

<strong>Would I Lie To You? Season 2 Review</strong>

Tonight, 10 kicks off a fresh new season of Would I Lie To You? Australia.

For the uninitiated, the format sees two teams, captained by hilariously cunning comedians Charlie Pickering and Frank Woodley, trying to hoodwink each other with tall and twisted tales. Each story is meticulously investigated, with the aim of the game to fool the opposing team into mistaking fact for fiction and vice versa.

In the season two return, Charlie is joined by one of Australia’s most beloved actresses, Rebecca Gibney, and one of Australia’s most beloved comedians, Luke McGregor. Joining Frank’s team is the hilarious Concetta Caristo and stage and radio comedian Harley Breen.

Through the first episode there are four different rounds and the fun and hilarious comes out as each player has to come up with responses on the spot. It’s a game of quick thinking and even quicker reactions to ensure the other team doesn’t spot the lie.

Chris Taylor’s exit  as team captain isn’t the only change this season, with a new game introduced as well. The pacing also seems quicker as host Chrissie Swan keeps things moving along nicely.

Would I Lie To You? is fun and light entertainment that had me laughing at a number of the stories. If you’re looking for a fun and easy watch to kick-start the week, this is it.

3 Stars

Season 2 of Would I Lie To You? Australia premieres 8:40pm tonight on 10.


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