The Morning After “That” Tribal Council.

<strong>The Morning After “That” Tribal Council.</strong>

After last night’s explosive Tribal Council (seriously, wasn’t it just bonkers?), the Villains were in disarray.

Stevie was emotionally grateful to Shonee, Liz and George for saving him and Jordie and Simon’s bromance is kaput after Jordie was revealed as a traitor by George.  

Much to Shonee’s delight, she found herself the coconut Immunity Idol, the real Idol that Simon’s clue, aka #CookieIdol, matches up to.  

At the Heroes camp, Gerry returned from the Villains, feeling a little villainous. He proceeded to blast his fellow heroes for sending him over, outed the Meat Tray boys as being kings of the castle and implied that Ben was the rascal on the bottom.

At the Immunity Challenge, while talking about last night’s Tribal Council, George exclaimed to the Heroes tribe that Simon has an Idol. Having lost the Immunity Challenge that required pairs to hold a box between feet for as long as possible, Paige accused Sharni of dropping the box.

Ben, aware he was on chopping block, goes Idol hunting and manages to find one, but as he was reading the parchment, Matt spotted him from the bushes.  

At Tribal Council, Ben used his silver tongue to flip the girls to vote for Sharni instead of Gerry and when he played his Idol, Sharni was sent packing. 


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