Would A Non-Elimination Leg Float Ya Boat?

In Cambodia, the final five celebrity teams left behind the majesty of Angkor Wat to navigate the waters of a local floating village on the mighty lake of Tonle Sap. They faced hard work and tested their skills and team dynamics as they lived like locals for a day.

First up, it was back to school for our celebrity teams. After shopping for school supplies on land, they travelled by boat to a floating classroom. At the Chong Kneas School they learned and performed a song in the Khmer language taught by the local school children.

Darren isn’t one to normally shy away from centre stage, but this was a tough song to learn in the local lingo. Meanwhile Jana and Cor’s mother son relationship was put to the test yet again, with Jana letting the tears flow. Emma and Hayley were in their element singing and dancing with children, receiving an A+ after one attempt.

At the Detour, the teams had to choose between farming or fishing for local food staples.

Our celebs will all leave this Race with new appreciation for shrimp cocktails after seeing the effort these villagers go to catch their shrimp, none more so than Darren and Tristan who managed to sink their boat.

Meanwhile at the floating farming challenge, Harry and Teddy channelled their inner grandmas, while Jana and Cor were busy bickering again. Thankfully all they needed was a good ol’ hug to reset the vibes, and after several attempts, they managed to complete the Detour.

Our racers then battled the scorching temperatures while enduring the physically challenging task of hulling rice. Darren was not having a rice day, with blisters and sweat pouring from him. Cor was struggling with the task, and while bickering with his mum (again), ended up kicking over his bowl of rice. We need another reset hug, stat!   

Emma and Hayley managed to maintain the lead they enjoyed for most of this leg, hitting the mat first. After a desperate sprint to the pitstop, Harry and Teddy were last to arrive on the mat, only metres behind Darren and Tristan. Incredibly, this was a pre-determined non-elimination leg, the boys race another day!


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