Outwit, Outplay, Outlast And Watch Survivor UK On 10 Play.

Outwit, Outplay, Outlast And Watch Survivor UK On 10 Play.

Cannot wait until Australian Survivor: Titans v Rebels? Grab your torches and deep dive into a World Of Survivor on 10 Play, featuring franchise hits from around the globe.From this Sunday, episodes of the brand new series, Survivor UK, will be fast-tracked Sundays and Mondays at 8.30am AEDT, exclusively on 10 Play.

Host Joel Dommett will welcome 18 castaways to the Dominican Republic to the play the ultimate physical and psychological game. Divided into two rival tribes, they will live on remote beaches, build their own shelters, face the elements and battle against each other in epic challenges for reward or immunity.

The two tribes will immediately be pitted against each other in their first reward challenge, a brutally exhausting clash to retrieve basic supplies. Divisions will begin to form and personalities will be put to the test as the losing tribe struggles to deal with the harsh environment.

The tribes will also compete in their first immunity challenge, an intense feat of endurance. For the losing tribe, it means a sunset showdown at TribalCouncil where they must vote off one of their own.

Which tribe will win the first immunity challenge? And who will become the first person voted out of the game, leaving their dreams of winning £100,000 and the title of Sole Survivor in tatters?

Survivor UK will join a vast amount of Survivor content already available on 10 Play. Go back to where it all began with Survivor US, and stream 43 seasons of the iconic original series. Get rewarded with Survivor action you can’t watch anywhere else, with the latest thrilling seasons of Survivor South Africa, and every episode of Survivor New Zealand. Or relive the Australian Survivor story so far, with every season of the show that continues to blindside fans with some of the most outrageous play the game has ever seen. But that’s not all, you can enjoy the ultimate Survivor experience with two curated Survivor FAST channels.

Survivor UK.

New Episodes Fast-Tracked Sundays And Mondays At 8.30am AEDT, Exclusively On 10 Play.


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