Winners and Losers August 19

Winners and Losers August 19

Winners and Losers delivers a truly unmissable episode on Tuesday night.

in a very emotional hour entitled A Rock and a Hard Place the Gross  family are thrown into crisis when they get some shocking news. While i can’t give away any details on the story line it does pack an emotional punch which looks set to continue over the coming weeks.

Meanwhile it seems Sam is doing all she can to forget about Flynn by having a one night stand but will she go through with it?

Francis has a hard time with Pete when he tries  preforming magic tricks as a hobby Sophie also has a hard choice to make when Jack offers her a three month work trip.

The way that all these story lines interweave proves that some choices arn’t easy to make.

Get the tissues ready your going to need them for an episode where  Melissa Bergland and Sarah Grace shine 

8:45 Tuesday on Seven.


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