60 Minutes August 17 (updated)

60 Minutes August 17 (updated)

60 Minutes this week has a story on Robin Williams, An update on the love life of one of the Bali Nine and the Edgerton brothers.

Rush of Love 

This could be the strangest love story you’ll ever see. A high flying London banker falling head over heels for a convicted drug mule serving life in a Bali prison. She is Nikki Butler, a mother of two, and wealthy finance worker. He is Scott Rush, one of the infamous Bali Nine drug couriers. They’re in love. In fact, they’re engaged. Scott proposed in his cell. Nikki said yes. It sounds completely ridiculous — but it’s true.

Reporter: Tara Brown

Producer: Gareth Harvey

Brothers in Arms

Ever since the Edgerton brothers were boys, they’ve been embarking on adventures together. From the backyard bushland they’d knock around in as kids – to the backlots of Hollywood, Joel and Nash have been brothers in arms. Joel stars in front of the camera – most famously opposite Leonardo DiCaprio in The Great Gatsby. Nash is a director and stuntman – whose roles are often more high risk than high profile. Allison Langdon just spent time with the boys in Los Angeles and Australia, finding for these two, blood is definitely thicker than water.

Reporter: Allison Langdon

Producer: Steven Burling

Robin Williams

Maverick. Manic. Magnificent.  Robin Williams was all of those things, and so much more. Tragically, he was also tormented by depression and, for much of his life, addiction. The world has been remembering Robin, honouring an incomparable talent of the stage and screen. This Sunday, revealing insights from his 60 Minutes appearances over the years, including never before seen interviews, punctuated with highlights of his greatest movie roles.

Producer: Lincoln Howes


Liam Knight has had a horrendous 20 months. In January last year Liam was speared through the  skull with a metal pole, thrown by a teenage gatecrasher at an 18th birthday party. It was a miracle  Liam survived. This afternoon, Liam’s assailant was sentenced to a minimum of 8 years for his crime.

Because he’s a minor, we can’t name him, but “DS” will be eligible for parole when he’s 24, young enough to resume the football career he told the court he loved. Liam Knight loved footy too. He also loved surfing, but both have been taken from him because Liam has been given the life sentence of permanent brain damage. This Sunday, Liam Knight and his mother Mary can finally talk freely about what happened the night of the attack, and the teenage girls who invited the gatecrashers. Viewers will see the impact on Liam’s life, and how his permanent brain damage is a daily battle for mobility and against
seizures. It’s an emotional warning every parent and teenager must see.

7:40 Sunday on Nine.


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