Will love blossom in Paradise?

Will love blossom in Paradise?

Sea breeze, sunshine and strawberry daiquiri’s are what summer dreams are made of, so with a spring in their step and a suitcase full of swimmers, these hopeful romantic’s arrive in Paradise ready to roll the dice at love again in Bachelor In Paradise Australia.

And there is certainly something magical in the tropical water, as these optimistic singles search for a summer love to last a lifetime.


Not one to waste time, strong minded and confident Abbie is entering Paradise with one man on her mind. The fabulously flamboyant ‘naughty boy’ Ciarran has caught her eye and Abbie is ready to give her crush a red hot crack. But will Abbie finally get her man?

Since her time on The Bachelor Australia, Britt has lived and learned, and now knows exactly what she is looking for in a soulmate – or so she thought. Then Britt met Timm. Quirky, goofy, totally unpredictable but 100% lovable, Timm.

Timm knew he was in trouble the second that the ‘hot’ chick from Badger’s season, Britt, burst through the gates of Paradise.

Angelic, calm, and well-spoken, Britt is everything that Timm isn’t. But could Britt be the Yin to Timm’s Yang? Or better yet, could they be a match made in Paradise?

They do say opposites attract…

But nothing’s certain when it involves matters of the heart. So with Abbie, Timm and Britt set on finding love in Paradise, will it be a case of second time’s a charm?


Bachelor In Paradise.

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