Will Alisha Find Her Prince Charming in Paradise

Will Alisha Find Her Prince Charming in Paradise

A Bachelor favourite is about to return to Paradise this week.

Leaving the infamous ‘umbrella of ambiguity’ well and truly behind her, Alisha is ready to get back on the love train and give Paradise a second chance.

Alisha’s Paradise romance with Jules last season was nothing short of a bumpy ride. And after sensationally calling it quits for good in front of a live studio audience, it is clear that this vivacious go-getter has no time for time wasters.

Upon entering Paradise for a second time Alisha said; ‘I really enjoyed my first round of Bachelor In Paradise (despite the heartbreak), and there’s still a bit of me that hopes I will get my little Bach fantasy and round off my experience by meeting someone who could actually be my future.’

Bachelor In Paradise Continues Tuesday at 7:30pm on 10.