Cursed Review

Cursed Review

Today, Netflix unveils Cursed, a new take on the Arthurian legend.

Cursed tells the legendary story through the eyes of Nimue (Katherine Langford), a young fae woman who lives in a remote village and the daughter of Lenore, the High Priestess. When she becomes the ‘chosen one’ Nimue takes off with her friend Pym (Lily Newmark), running into knight-in-training Arthur (Devon Terrel).


Upon returning from her adventure, Nimue is thrown into a quest to find a powerless Merlin (Gustaf Skarsgård) and deliver him an ancient sword.


Along the way, she reunites with Arthur, who takes a strange interest in her quest. Throughout their journey, they meet foes in the form of Weeping Monk (Daniel Sharman), a hunter who wishes to destroy all the fae, and King Uther (Sebastian Armesto) and the terrifying Red Paladins, led by Father Carden (Peter Mullan), who is determined to find and wipe-out all of fae-kind. Elsewhere, mystery also surround Sister Igraine (Shalom Brune-Franklin).


The series, which plays out over 10 episodes, takes a slow burn approach in the opening hour, but after that it’s full steam ahead. There’s plenty of surprised in store as we follow Nimue on her quest.


The casting is top-notch, with Katherine Langford bringing Nimue to life with a no-nonsense attitude. Devon Terrel is also given a chance to shine as Arthur’s backstory is filled in. But it is Gustaf Skarsgård who steals the show as we are given a new take on one of literatures most famous wizards (behind Albus Dumbledore and Gandalf, of course).


Written by Tom Wheeler, Cursed takes a well-known legend and gives it a new twist that is full of action, drama and a magical quest. Cursed is bound to fulfil your fantasy needs.


3 Stars


Cursed is streaming NOW on Netflix.