Who Didn’t Deliver on Celebrity Apprentice?

Who Didn’t Deliver on Celebrity Apprentice?
Celebrity Apprentice - 202

In Australia, the food delivery market has expanded by 76% over the last five years, with revenues close to $1B. Creating the perfect platform to test Lord Sugar’s Celebrities.

For today’s task, each team must set up and run a food delivery service. The team that receives the best customer feedback will take home $20,000 for the Project Manager’s Charity. 

Jean is quick to step up to the role of PM and lead the girls on Team Innovate. But the boys’ Team Collaborate is fractured after Jarrod threw Darren under the bus in the last boardroom. And although Jarrod puts his hand up for PM, it doesn’t feel like he has the full support of his teammates. 

Chaos ensues on Team Collaborate. The boys devise a terrible menu, and regularly erupt into arguments about the best way to tackle the task. 

Although things are more harmonious on Team Innovate. Sammy and Gamble get lost driving their orders around Sydney, causing them serious delays. 

Team Innovate triumph in the boardroom. Leaving the boys on Team Collaborate to battle it out. And they’re quick to gang up on Jarrod. But it’s Eloni who’s fired in the end, due to his mediocre contribution to the last 2 tasks.


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