The J-Crew crumbles

<strong><em>The J-Crew crumbles</em></strong>

Tonight on Big Brother, Party Week kicked off with a bang. Drew and Gabbie successfully completed their secret mission and the entire house was rewarded with a KFC feast.

Drew made Joel an indecent proposal to put each other’s girlfriends up for eviction, but Joel stayed loyal to Aleisha and told her about Drew’s bizarre plan.

During the first ever Head of House vote, Drew had the deciding vote. In a shock move, he turned his back on the royalty to elect newbie Aleisha as Head of House, leaving the original housemates stunned by his betrayal.

In a gruelling nominations challenge, Estelle outlasted challenge beast Joel to claim an inspiring win. With the power to nominate three housemates for eviction, Estelle made a big move by nominating every member of the J-Crew: Jaycee, Joel and Johnson.

“This is a strategy to protect my [original] housemates at any cost,” Estelle said. “I knew that if I didn’t pull through it would have been three of us up there.”

With time running out, Joel and Aleisha finally locked lips. Then, at a heartbreaking eviction ceremony, the two lovers were torn apart as Joel was shown the door.


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