When Felix Met Damien

When Felix Met Damien

What happens when your current love interest meets your new love interest? A whole lot of chat that’s what. And when Felix met Damien on tonight’s episode, it was, well… a lot.

Osher breaks the news that the ladies of the mansion going on the group date will be hanging not only with their Bach but also their bestie. Cue squeals and OMGs and away we go.

All heads were glued to the walkway entrance waiting for Damien to appear. Keeping his cool, Felix walked straight over and introduced himself. It was when lunch was served the grilling began.

With everyone trying to get their heads around the polyamorous situation, Abigail and Zara also found themselves caught up in the conversation, essentially forfeiting their own time with Felix.

After chatting with Damien, Felix realised he had more questions for Jessica and invited her back to the Bach Pad. Realising Jessica was starting to chip away at the hard Felix exterior he confidently gave her a rose at the rose ceremony, saying goodbye to Zara.


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