Tempers Flare As Tilly Takes Charge

Tempers Flare As Tilly Takes Charge

Tilly does what Tilly wants and tonight’s episode was the epitome of Tilly Time. Taking charge on her single date with Felix, the question of did they or didn’t they, ran rife in the Mansion with Krystal determined to get to the bottom of the rumour.

The Bachelors took their chosen ladies for some one-on-one time at a burlesque bar. Because nothing gets the bloody pumping than a sexy performance!

Both Jed and Thomas wasted no time in chatting to their respective ladies and Angela and Lauren had quite a few questions. But it was Felix and Tilly whose spark took over and they couldn’t wait to get back to the Bach Pad.

With a swim on the cards, Tilly stripped off and dived straight into the water with Felix. Getting hot and steamy, the pair left Thomas and Lauren feeling awkward and leaving the pool with their wines to leave their friends to it.

Back at the mansion, Krystal was having none of it and was determined to get to the bottom of what really happened between Felix and Tilly. Not getting the answers she wanted, Krystal asked Felix point blank at the group date and uncovered the pool sesh.

Not one to miss out on the drama, Tash returned to chat to Jed at the Bach Pad while both Eboni and Naomi left the rose ceremony empty handed.


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