Wentworth Gets Set to Reveal its Final Sentence

Wentworth Gets Set to Reveal its Final Sentence

Tonight, Foxtel finally inches closer to the endgame of Wentworth.

When we last left the prison, Sheila (Marta Dusseldorp) was trying to drive a wedge between Lou (Kate Box) and Reb (Zoe Terakes) by revealing the Lou was a bystander in the doctor’s sexual assaults on patients. Judy (Vivienne Awosoga) later stabbed Allie (Kate Jenkinson) in the shower, seriously wounding her.

It was also revealed that Judy stole Reb’s surgery money and spent it trying to stop her extradition, while Joan (Pamela Rabe) experienced a psychotic breakdown.

When the gates of Wentworth Correction Centre open on the final season, three weeks have passed since Allie was attacked. With her attacker still at large, no one, least of all the H1 family, realize they have a terrorist and would-be murderer, Judy, in their midst. Will she be able to get away with her crime?

Meanwhile, Joan has finally returned, but will she be able stay hidden? One thing’s for sure, fans will be intrigued. Elsewhere, Rita (Leah Purcell) faces her past in a surprising way, and Sheila needs Lou and Reb’s help to be released, but the duo are less than forthcoming.

I’m being incredibly light on the details here because Wentworth is best enjoyed knowing very little of its plot. There’s a lot to unpack as the series heads towards its finale, and the first episode written by Kim Willison   does not disappoint.

Buckle up for the final sentence because in true Wentworth style, there’s more than just a few surprises in store


Wentworth The Final Sentence premieres tonight,

Tuesday August 24 at 8.30pm on Fox Showcase


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