A Heartbreaking Loss Rocks The Fire Tribe.

A Heartbreaking Loss Rocks The Fire Tribe.

A big episode of Survivor tonight saw a twist in the tribal council.

Flick’s heart was broken tonight, as she learned her mother had lost her battle with early onset dementia. After speaking with her family and receiving their blessing, along with the support of her Tribemates, she made the emotional decision to stay in the competition, knowing it was what her mother would have wanted.

At the Immunity Challenge, Survivors were tasked to run up a hill four times to collect different puzzle pieces and assemble a vertical puzzle. But there was a catch: the last four to finish, were eligible to be voted out. Andrew again relied on his endurance and finished his puzzle first, which left Dani, Cara, Laura and Wai up for elimination. 

Earlier in the day, George had found a key that allowed him to play a hidden Immunity Idol in secret. Now back at camp, George heard Cara’s name thrown around. With the power to save her, he played it cool with no one none the wiser of his secret.

At Tribal Council, Castaways and Jury Members met again. Andrew was confident he’d convinced everyone to vote with him, while Cara looked to George for help, hoping for a last-minute suggestion. He spilled his secret to the group subtly and gave signal to Cara to vote Laura. A shocked Cara nodded. 

Last to vote was George, who used the key to reveal the hidden Immunity Idol and wrote Cara’s name on it. As JLP read the votes, he pulled out the hidden Immunity Idol, confirming that all votes for Cara no longer counted. To say everyone was speechless, would be an understatement.

With one vote left to be read, the sixteenth person removed from the game was a stunned Laura. 


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