Welcome to Ryno’s TV

Welcome to Ryno’s TV. If you’ve stumbled around here you’re probably wondering who I am and what exactly what to except from the site, and why I decided to blog the televisual medium instead of just watching it .

So who am I? My name is Ryno and I am a regular guy, I confess, I’m a television junkie who watches way too many TV shows and I’m not talking about the Foxtel dramas sitting on my dvd shelf. There’s way to many options and most of the time the PVR works overtime to cover it all. If I’m not watching I’m researching future shows or expressing my views on other television blogs.

So what does the site cover? On a daily basis you will get the latest Television news as well as the latest programming information direct from the networks. But on top of that there will also be recaps mostly from the reality genre but I’ll probably chuck in a few hit dramas as well.

However if you don’t see anywhere to post your views or questions that’s where the rumpus room comes in handy. Feel free to ask questions and hopefully I’ll be able to answer them.

So because of how passionate I am about the industry is why I’m blogging. It’s my personal way of being in the media and achieving a long term goal .

If you have made it this far and love TV feel free to drop me a comment.


  1. harrypotter1994

    Awesome after so much work to get here the day has come 🙂


  2. Courtney Lewdon

    Welcome to the blogosphere, Ryno! Cannot wait to see what’s ahead!

    • Ryno

      Thanks Courtney cant wait either 😀

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