Neighbours 2013 Return Week (spoilers ahead)

Neighbours 2013 Return Week (spoilers ahead)

The 2012 finale left us on the edge of our seats with a birth, a proposal and a life in the balance. Now after a month off the air one of Australia longest running soaps kicks off a season full of surprises returns and departures. Here’s what’s in store for the first week back.

Monday 7th January Episode 6551
There’s a baby boom in Erinsborough and it’s good news for Lucas and Vanessa as they welcome a boy to their unconventional clan, especially since Lucas missed the birth and in the meantime Rhys took his opportunity to propose to Vanessa.
Meanwhile the drama continues when the usually bubbly Sonya welcomes her baby girl Nell to the family. The joy doesn’t last long when she loses consciousness and is rushed to surgery.

Tuesday 8th January Episode 6552
With Sonya still in hospital, Toadie and Callum are forced to take the reins looking after Nell.
Andrew and Kate realise that Paul actually held true feelings for Priya but unfortunately that doesn’t change anything for Sophie. She makes it quite clear she’s lost all respect for her uncle after what he’s done to the Kapoor family.

Wednesday 9th January Episode 6553
Susan confronts her sister about having feelings for Karl. Of course, it’s a touchy subject because Carmel confesses that she’s always envied her sister’s marriage. Will this open old feelings for Susan and Karl?
Isolating her mum, Sophie warns Rani to be careful not to push her away. But it takes Rani lashing out for Ajay to see the light. He invites Priya to move back in, but don’t think all is forgiven. Meanwhile Summer’s busy packing for her departure to Paris.

Thursday 10th January Episode 6554
Summer’s about to leave for Paris and her friends gather to send her off. Not wanting to make their friend uncomfortable, they avoid telling her. But let’s be honest, Summer wasn’t
born yesterday she’s onto them.
Ajay puts Priya back in the doghouse when he makes it very clear that she’s back for her daughter’s sake, not to reconcile. and, it looks like Sheila is here to stay; finally caving, Kyle invites her to move in with him, Chris and Rhys in the share house.

Friday 11th January Episode 6555
Georgia’s boyfriend Scotty (Rhys Uhlich) is still in town and finding himself more and more
on the outer as Georgia juggles her priorities. It seems there’s trouble in paradise at Vanessa’s house too, as her mother Francesca is floored at her daughter’s wedding plans to Rhys. But after a routine checkup with their baby at the hospital, Vanessa and Lucas may soon have bigger concerns than Rhys.

Neighbours airs 6:30pm weeknights on Eleven


  1. harrypotter1994

    Is this a knife into TV Week for barely ever showing Neighbours coverage?

    • Ryno

      nope tv week have got it on the front again this week and as soon as the haa info is out it will get the same treatment

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