Wedding Season Review

Wedding Season Review
Wedding Season S1. Rosa Salazar as Katie McConnell in Wedding Season S1. Cr. Luke Varley/Disney+ © 2021.

This week, Disney+ releases its first UK original in the form of Wedding Season.

When Wedding Season begins, we are introduced to Stefan (Gavin Drea) who gatecrashes the wedding of Kate (Rosa Salazar) and Hugo Delaney (George Webster) to confess his love to her. It’s a move he may regret when the whole wedding party, except Kate, ends up dead at the reception.

The day after the wedding, Stefan is arrested and dragged into a police interrogation room and interviewed by officers Metts (Jamie Michie) and Donahue (Jade Harrison).

Kate is, of course, the prime suspect, but with her being MIA, the police believe that Stefan is her accomplice. Stefan insists they have it all wrong, and soon Kate and Stefan are reunited and on a quest for answers.

As we explore Kate and Stefan’s back story, we also get to meet Stefan’s friend group which includes Leila (Callie Cooke), the sensible attorney; her fiancé Jackson (Omar Baroud), who is obsessed with planning their nuptials; Siuji (Ioanna Kimbook), the one friend terrified to be alone; and Anil (Bhav Joshi), who thinks he’s a guru on relationships.

Created by Oliver Lyttelton, Wedding Season moved fast and is very easy to sing into as Kate and Stefan’s story begins the mystery and explains their complicated paths to where they are today.

Both Drea and Salazar are perfect as our leading duo, adding a touch of mystery as the show requires.

Wedding Season is the perfect murder mystery rom-com series to binge over the weekend.

4 Stars

Wedding Season premieres Thursday 8 September on Disney+.


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