Last Light Review

Last Light Review

This week, Stan releases its next original in the form of Last Light.

Last Light tells the story of the Yeats family in the midst of a global crisis.

We open on the Yeats family, they are out celebrating Sam’s (Taylor Fay) 8th birthday. Sam has been battling a degenerative eye disease for the past five years and is now nearly blind. In attendance is his dad Andy (Matthew Fox), one of the world’s leading petrochemical engineers, his mum Elena (Joanne Froggatt), who is fundraising for research into Sam’s condition, and his sister Laura (Alyth Ross), who is a passionate university student hoping to find a solution to the climate crisis.

Upon returning to their home, Andy is called to work in Luzrah in the Middle Easy by oil company CEO Khalil Al-Qatani (Hakeen Jomah), who is having issues with oil reserves and needs Andy to investigate. It’s the worst possible time as Sam is due to have an operation in Paris later that week.

Things don’t go to plan and Andy is soon dealing with his worst fears. With the help of Mika (Amber Rose Revah), a representative from the British Department of Energy, and his family separated – Laura at home in London and Elena and Sam in Paris – Andy becomes more desperate to find answers reunite with his family.

Writers Patrick Aison, Patrick Masset, and John Zinman adapt best-selling novel by Alex Scarrow into a thrilling and captivating miniseries with excellent performances from Fox, who’s returning to the screen after a 12-year break following the conclusion of Lost, and Froggatt is compelling as Elena. The sibling bond between Fay and Ross is also charming.

Last Light continues a solid run of Stan original dramas that are worth your time checking out.

4 Stars

 The Stan Original Series Last Light premieres 8 September, only on Stan.


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