Wanted July 5

Wanted July 5

On Monday, TEN’s Wanted will exclusively reveal 20 of the most wanted criminals in Australia. 

Wanted – hosted by Sandra Sully and Matt Doran – will detail 20 men and women on the run and ask the public to help find them as part of Operation ROAM.

The national Crime Stoppers campaign seeks support from the community to help locate a list of 20 of the most wanted criminals in Australia.

For the first time, Crime Stoppers have joined forces with the viewers of Wanted to announce the list on national television.

The list includes criminals from every state and territory. Some are wanted in more than one jurisdiction and could be on the run anywhere in the country Peter Price, Deputy Chairman of Crime Stoppers Australia, said: “These people have committed serious crimes and we need the Australian public to help us locate them, before any further harm is done. “Crime Stoppers is asking every member of the public to look out for these people, but not apprehend or approach them. “If anyone knows the whereabouts of these criminals call Crime Stoppers immediately on 1 800 333 000, submit the information online at www.crimestoppers.com.au or call your local Police. You can remain totally anonymous,” he said.

The list of the wanted criminals will be available at www.crimestoppers.com.au and www.ten.com.au/wanted following Monday night’s episode

8:30 PM Monday  on TEN

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