The Project July 5-9

Guests this week on The Project include Jesse Eisenberg, Matt Lucas, Matt Preston and Sam Johnson.

UK comedian Matt Lucas, best known for his multi-award winning television series Little Britain, joins us at the desk. Matt is in Australia to headline the Word Adelaide festival in 2013. We catch up with Matt to talk about his amazing career.

MasterChef Australia judge Matt Preston drops by to talk about World Food Week, which kicks off in Dubai on Sunday night. Matt gives us all the behind the scenes goss and we find out what’s instore for the remaining eight contestants.

Our lycra legend and all round good guy Sam Johnson joins us at the desk. Well over the half way mark in his 15,000km adventure, we talk to Sam about his amazing achievements so far in raising money and awareness for the Love Your Sister charity.

Actor Jesse Eisenberg is best known for his role as Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg in the 2010 drama The Social Network. Jesse joins us to talk about his latest film, Now You See Me, a crime thriller about a group of stage magicians who pull off bank heists.

We take a look at beauty pageants and ask what drives kids to get on stage and strut their stuff in front of an audience? The Project goes inside this mysterious world, where competitors aged from six months through to their late teens compete for prizes and the thrill of the win. We talk to Aussie parents who travel from all over the country and why they think their children thrive in a competitive environment.

Across the week we are joined by Gorgi Coghlan, Dr Andrew Rochford, Steve Price, Chrissie Swan, Megan Gale, Pete Helliar, Anthony ‘Lehmo’ Lehmann and Natasha Exelby.

6:30pm weeknights on TEN.

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