Under Investigation with Liz Hayes heads to Mondays on Nine

Under Investigation with Liz Hayes heads to Mondays on Nine

Under Investigation with Liz Hayes, a gripping landmark investigative series, premieres next month on Nine

Under Investigation takes viewers behind closed doors with a panel of experts inside an unfolding television event as the setting of the case under investigation –  a calculated crime, an unexplained disappearance or unsolved cold case – is recreated with cutting-edge laser projectors inside Hayes’ studio.

With a focus on mysteries that have fascinated the nation, viewers will enter the investigators’ world. Former top Homicide Detective Gary Jubelin re-examines the baffling disappearance and murder of Janine Vaughan in Bathurst and uncovers a shocking dark side to this quiet NSW country town.

Hayes’ Under Investigation forensic team discovers new clues and new lines of inquiry in the case of Victoria’s “High Country Mystery” – the eerie disappearance of elderly lovers Russell Hill and Carol Clay from a remote alpine campsite.

Experts and exclusive interviews piece together the terrible abduction and murder of Victorian toddler Jaidyn Leskie – a crime for which no one has ever been brought to justice.

A forensic fire expert finds clues to a possible murder in the remains of a bush campfire; international scientists track Vladimir Putin’s chemical assassins and reveal Russia’s ongoing development of banned poisons and nerve agents; and Hayes’ team examines the greatest mystery of our age: Where did the virus that has laid waste to our world come from?

Watch real experts at work in this absorbing series, follow their methodical analysis and gripping insights. Under Investigation with Liz Hayes isn’t just a new show – it’s a whole new genre of television.

Monday, March 1, at 9.00pm on Nine and 9Now.