Two Main Cast Members to Depart Homeland in finale (spoiler)

It has been revealed that two long running cast members will make their last regular appearance on Monday’s Homeland finale.

The cast members in question have benn revealed to be  Morena Bacarinand Morgan Saylor who play Jessica and Dana Brody respectively on the US drama will not return in Season 4. The  timing of the announcement is most curious given Showtime like to keep finales under wraps. With no word on what is happening to Jackson Pace who plays Chris Brody means that one pf two options could play out in the finale. Brody dies and his family are finally written out. Or Brody could survive and not see his family again.

Either way Dana’s  departure should please fans since her storylines dragged down an otherwise compelling season.

Source TV Line 

Homeland Warps up 8:30 Monday on Ten