Tim Campbell to Depart House Husbands

Tim Campbell to Depart House Husbands

In what can be considered a strange last minute decision producers have decided to write out  Tim Campbell of House Husbands.

The actor who plays Firefighter Tom on the Australian drama revealed the news on his Facebook Page.

“I now won’t be returning to House Husbands next year,”  “The producers have decided at the 11th hour that Tom won’t be returning. It was a surprise decision and, to be honest, as a fan of the show I’m disappointed that a unique TV family is no more and Tom would leave his partner and children suddenly off screen. Don’t blame me, I’m just the actor.”

Campbell has been with the show since it’s inception in 2011 as the same sex partner to Gyton Grantly’s Kane.

However I do hope this means that they can now write more for Kane, who I think is a great character, and for Gyton, who I have loved working with. “Of course I wish all of the cast and crew nothing but the success they deserve, they have truly been an absolute joy to work with.”

House Husbands returns to 9 in 2014

Source The Daily Telegraph 


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