Twisted tribal leads to a big departure

Twisted tribal leads to a big departure

Well that was a twist-filled tribal.

At Mokuta’s camp, the mystery of who opened Pandora’s Box was sending David into a spin. He was determined to find out who had opened it and gained themselves an advantage, but still had no idea it was Nick.

Meanwhile, Moana was reflecting on her place in the new tribe. After being separated from alliance leader, Mat in the tribe swap, Moana decided it was time to take control of the game and start making big moves. And boy, did she deliver.

Over at Vakama’s camp, Shonee was feeling nice and smug after successfully voting Abbey out of the game at last night’s Tribal Council. Especially after Abbey tried and failed three times to get rid of Shonee.

With no reward on offer, it was straight into the immunity challenge. However, Jonathan pulled a fast one and announced that they weren’t competing for immunity as a tribe, but as individuals. With two immunity necklaces up for grabs – one for each tribe – Jonathan then dropped the bomb that both tribes would be going to Tribal Council and voting someone out. A first in Australian Survivor history.

The challenge was a simple one. But it’s often those simple challenges that send even the strongest players packing. With outstretched arms, each player had to hold two discs against a post. The last person standing for each tribe would score themselves an immunity necklace and be safe from elimination.

It was an epic battle of stamina that saw the players drop like flies, one after the other. But after a staggering effort, Jacqui outlasted all her opponents from Mokuta, followed by Brooke for Vakama.

Later at Vakama’s camp, Shonee was still very much focussed on revenge and set out to get rid of her next enemy – Lydia. Not willing to go out without a fight, Lydia went guns blazing appealing to the others to vote for Mat, so she could get her own revenge on the Godfather for his role in her blindside in Season 3.

Over at Mokuta, everyone’s plans were going into overdrive. David, the Golden God set out to blindside Nick. But, Moana was far more interested in taking out Phoebe to weaken David’s game. Sure, she agreed to work with David once they make merge, but as she said, they haven’t made merge yet.

It was a packed Tribal Council with both tribes set up and ready to vote. With Jacqui and Brooke safe from elimination, Vakama and Mokuta were ready to place their votes.

But in yet another Australian Survivor twist, Jonathan announced to the All Stars that the two contestants voted out of each tribe would then face-off in a fire making challenge with the winner scoring themselves second chance at the game, returning to their tribe. Ooft!

After counting the votes, it was Lydia and Phoebe voted out of their tribes and the fight for fire began. Phoebe set the challenge ablaze and was victorious in creating fire from scratch, sending Lydia packing as the seventh person voted out of Australian Survivor: All Stars.