My Kitchen Rules says farewell to its first team for 2020

Last night My Kitchen Rules hosted the first elimination cook off for 2020.

Jenni and Louise faced Roula and Rachel with a three-course menu cook-off.

Jenni & Louise served up the following menu of Family Favorites

Entrée: Mushroom Medley

Main: Beef Cheeks with Sweet Potato Mash

Dessert: Chocolate Torte with Raspberry Ice Cream


Roula & Rachael served up an Italian menu of

Entrée: Stuffed Mushroom

Main: Gnocchi with Burnt Butter Sauce

Dessert: Whipped Panna Cotta

Roula & Rachael, who scored their first ever 10s for a stuffed mushroom entrée helping them secure victory with a score of 77 to Jenni and Louise’s solid effort of 72.

On their departure

Louise: “This competition has been full of ups and downs but we have made sure that we continued to have fun all the way.” Jenni: “Peace out queens!”