Truth sparks farm conflict 

Truth sparks farm conflict 

Tonight on Farmer Wants A Wife, emotions intensified to breaking point as farm farewells raised some uncomfortable truths.

The farmers eagerly anticipated the opportunity to explore deeper connections during their all-important one-on-one dates: “It’s hard to get to know any of the girls in the group setting,” said Farmer Tom ahead of his date with Sarah C.

Echoing his feelings, Farmer Dustin said: “Sometimes you just need to get away from the farm. I think it shows another side of them and it’ll probably show another side of me.”

Farmer Joe, a keen fisherman, brought Calya to his favourite spot for a bit of fly fishing, but he had another motive: “Calya’s and I’s lives are vastly different, from the city to the country, to what she does for work, what I do. I guess I really wanted to see how our lives and our future would be able to intersect.”

After a day of fun and romance, the farmers and their ladies returned home for the next farm farewell.

Flying high with confidence after her date with Joe, Calya drew battlelines during the dinner when she called out Keely and Claire for not being honest about their feelings: “How do you find connection if they’re not being honest? Farmer Joe deserves to hear the truth.”

Calya’s pursuit for honesty rocked the farm farewell: “It’s quite obvious that I’m not very good at seeing signs or picking up what’s happening around me. I’m worried that people aren’t speaking their minds,” Joe said before inviting all his ladies to stay.  

At the end of the dinner, Farmer Dustin bid goodbye to Chloe. Farmers Bert, Joe and Tom did not send anyone home. 


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