Lego Masters New Olympic Sport

Lego Masters New Olympic Sport

The stakes have never been higher, with only five teams left battling it out for the trophy, $100,000 cash and the title of winners of LEGO® Masters: Australia vs. the World. Only three international team and only two Australian teams remain.  The pressure is on for the Aussies to prove themselves in this week’s challenge: building a new Olympic sport.

Hamish gives the teams five new Olympic sports to build, and the teams will have the full creative control to invent the sport based on their titles. They are: “Jet Pack Hockey”, “Cake Launching”, “Banana Sledding”, “Elephant Jumping” and “Iron Neck”.   Hamish will then pitch each build to the IBCFSNS: International Brick Committee For Selecting New Sports for the official inclusion of the new sport in the Olympics!  Hamish also lets the teams know that today is not an elimination!

After winning the BIG Brick again last week, Felix and Annalena get the golden advantage of choosing which teams are assigned to which game. They chose for themselves first; “Elephant Jumping” and wield their power to give the other teams their Olympic sports.

  1. Peter & Ida – IRON NECK
  2. Ben & Eric – JETPACK HOCKEY
  3. Felix & Annalena – ELEPHANT JUMPING
  4. Krystle & Michelle – BANANA SLEDDING
  5. Dianne & Shane – CAKE LAUNCHING

As the teams have nine hours to complete this challenge and as they start building, Brickman explains the pros and cons of this challenge. He explains that this build is a rare chance to experiment: the shackles are off because there will be no elimination today. The teams have full creative reign of how they articulate their new Olympic sport, whether that be in a small diorama or even with Lifesize sporting equipment. The teams have full power chose the rules and gameplay of their new sport, how it will look, how it will be demonstrated, and how it will be played. However, the risks that come with this challenge are also profound. In Brickman’s words, “The LEGO® model has to match what you’re selling”. The build idea must sell and explain this new sport while also looking aesthetically inviting and attractive while doing it!

Team USA, Krystle and Michelle, are determined to win the BIG brick this week, because they’ve lost it after being in the top two against Felix and Annalena twice already. The Americans chose to create a monkey obstacle course for their “Banana Sledding” build; however, Brickman has his doubts about whether the structure of this build will live up to the concept.

The Danish team; Peter and Ida, go grand with an Olympic game which requires Hamish to don a life-size harness piled high on the neck with different heavy and hard to balance objects. The only problem: Can Hamish carry the load of their Olympic dreams!?

One of our last two Aussie teams; Shane and Dianne, struggle to decide on the creative direction of their “Cake Launching” build, unable to agree if implied motion is an impressive enough LEGO® building technique for Brickman’s Olympic games, or if they should go with Shane’s regular technique: mechanism building. Unfortunately, after last week’s blunder on their “Happy Days” build, Shane is determined to go against his usual patterns – despite Brickman’s advice!

Team Germany’s Felix and Annalena, take inspiration from their home country with their “Elephant Jumping” build, aiming to build a HUGE mountain with elephants snowboarding down the slopes. The German team are as determined as ever to win the BIG Brick and are aiming to make the biggest and most stylish build in the competition to win.  Hamish is confident he can pitch this to the committee!

Our second Aussie team, Ben and Eric, have the clever idea to make a detailed diorama of their new sport: “Jetpack Hockey” – enabling them to explain the physical sport easier than the other teams. However, Brickman has his concerns, and worries whether Jetpack Hockey will stand out against the other, more dramatic builds. Do they need something life-size to go along with their tiny diorama?

When time is up, Hamish pitches each build to the I.B.C.F.S.N.S (International Brick Committee For Selecting New Sports) – a.k.a Brickman. After five successful pitches (and one entire build smashing to the floor), the two top teams are the two Australian teams Ben & Eric and Shane & Dianne! But it’s the build that wins the new Olympic sport status is Ben and Eric’s “Jetpack Hockey” – bringing home the gold medal aka the BIG brick for Australia and their first win of the series!


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