Truth Seekers Review

Truth Seekers Review

Amazon gets into the Halloween spirit with Truth Seekers, but is it a trick or a treat?

Truth Seekers follows Gus (Nick Frost), a broadband installer at Smyle who dabbles as an amateur paranormal investigator on the side, running a smallish YouTube channel called ‘Truth Seeker’. His boss, Dave (Simon Pegg), soon partners him with new recruit Elton (Samson Kayo), and a new friendship blossoms.

What starts as a standard work relationship quickly develops into a quirky friendship as Elton helps Gus with his supernatural vlogs. The pair eventually cross paths with Astrid (Emma D’Arcy) and are drawn into a season-long arc that is honestly best kept under wraps.

The first half of the eight-episode season plays out like a case-of-the-week, with haunted churches, underground bunkers and abandoned hospitals just some of the locations discovered. It’s the last half of the season when everything comes together with a few twists and turns for good measure.

Joining an already established cast are Susan Wokoma, playing Elton’s sister Helen who rarely leaves the house, focusing more on her makeup tutorials and sorting out her cosplay outfits. Meanwhile Malcolm McDowell plays Gus’ father Richard, and what starts out as a standard father-son relationship soon morphs into something else entirely.

Writers Nick Frost, Simon Pegg, James Serafinowicz and Nat Saunders bring laughs a plenty in this first season. As each character develops, we are given a series full of scares, but also a series full of charm.

Truth Seekers is the perfect Halloween binge that takes just 4 hours to complete, so  not too tricky for this sweet treat of a series.


4 Stars

Truth Seekers premiers on Amazon Prime Video on Friday.