SAS Australia tests teamwork

SAS Australia tests teamwork

Teamwork makes the dream work as they say so it was only a matter of time before SAS Australia devoted an episode to it.

In last night’s episode, celebrities had to:

  • Take turns dragging their team members out of near freezing water in a fast boat pickup task
  • Work in teams to manoeuvre a 100kg log for 5kms through difficult terrain in a brutal test of stamina and strength.

Firass Dirani’s comments infuriated the DS, who sent him into the icy lake up to his neck as punishment.

Back at base, the fed up recruits (led by Merrick Watts and Shannan Ponton) unleashed on a unrepentant Firass, begging him to shut his mouth.

Jackson Warne struggled in the day’s tasks and was pulled in for questioning where he revealed the frustrations and challenges of growing up as Shane Warne’s son.

The other recruits named Firass and Jackson as the people they would least like on their team, which resulted in them becoming team leaders for the log haul challenge. Firass faltered and Ali Oetjen stepped up, while Jackson lacked leadership and direction.

But it was Mitchell Johnson, in pain and in his own head, who couldn’t keep up and ultimately decided to hand in his number in an emotional VW “I can’t make excuses, it’s just not good enough, I just couldn’t do it.”