Trial By Kyle gets October Premiere

Trial By Kyle gets October Premiere

Pilot Week’s most infamous commission Trial By Kyle is about to pass judgment.

Trial By Kyle dishes out unique forms of justice on real disputes. The plaintiffs and defendants better plead their case carefully… just because the law is on their side doesn’t mean that Kyle will be! All parties involved have signed an arbitration agreement stating that the show’s ruling is final and Kyle’s verdict must be upheld.

A bro-code on sleeping with your mate’s ex-girlfriend? We got it. An adopted greyhound conundrum that can only be solved by a pet psychic? You betcha. A Torres Straight Islander accusing an adult entertainer of using a didgeridoo as a beer bong? Of course!

And if that’s not enough, Denise Drysdale appears as an ambassador for ‘people of a certain age’, Justin Lacko is a model spokesperson – literally – and even Shannon Noll gets in on the action.

Criminal Lawyer and voice of reason Anna Heinrich is on hand to help steer things on the straight and narrow and resident bailiff Toks, attempts to maintain any sort of decorum.

This is Kyle’s crazy courtroom –  anything can, and usually will happen.

Trial By Kyle. Premieres Thursday, 24 October At 8.30pm on 10