Angie Meets Her Leading Lads.

Angie Meets Her Leading Lads.

Tonight’s highly-anticipated season premiere of The Bachelorette Australia saw the red carpet rolled out, bevvies at the ready and our favourite gal from the Sunshine Coast, Angie Kent, meet 20 of the countries most eligible bachelors.

First to put his best foot forward was 27-year-old Victorian fire proofer, Timm. Walking down the carpet carrying an elaborate bunch of sunflowers, Angie was left speechless, as this was also her favourite flower. Cheeky, confident and unapologetically himself, Timm surprised Angie with his level of depth and left her intrigued to know more.

Next up was 30-year-old New South Wales fitness trainer Carlin, who was hoping to find a spark meeting Angie. With a bright white smile and the perfect tan, Angie thought he was incredibly good looking and immediately developed a schoolgirl crush on him.

39-year-old firefighter Jamie from New South Wales arrived next, complete with a puppy in hand. Not shy of her love of pooches, Angie could barely contain her excitement.

Next to saunter down the red carpet was 25-year-old Kayde, a luxury car salesman from Western Australia. Dressed head-to-toe as a lifeguard, Kayde wasted no time throwing Angie a life buoy, prompting her to guess what movie character he was playing.

Hearing that our Angie was a bit of a daredevil, 27-year-old Queensland BMX stunt rider Matt rode in on his bike, performing a trick and giving her a glimpse into his life at the Nitro Circus.

Next up was 25-year-old New South Wales sales manager Jackson, who introduced himself, holding a silver kolsch. As he proudly lifted it up to reveal a meat pie, Angie let him know that she was vegetarian and celiac.

Ciarran, our 25-year-old  “fun, flirty, flamboyant and fabulously British” ex-army rifleman from the Northern Territory swanned in next, donning a fabulous red suit. The self-declared “sexual Willy Wonka”, delivered confidence in spades and left Angie wanting to know more.

Confident 36-year-old Queensland politician Jess was next to walk down the red carpet. After catching his breath, he introduced himself as a local councillor from Noosa and promptly gifted Angie with the key to the town. Before Angie had any time to react, he got down on one knee and placed the key to his apartment in her hand, saying that she would need to work to find out his address.

Last out of the limo was a familiar face, Brad, Angie’s younger brother. Entering the mansion undercover as “Mark”, his task was to find out which bachelors had genuine intentions and who would best suit Angie as a partner.

The remaining bachelors made their way down the red carpet and into the mansion, before

Osher announced that in a Bachelorette first, the boys would have the chance of receiving the 24-Hour Rose. This world-first would grant one lucky bachelor 24 hours of uninterrupted time with Angie on the first single date of the season.

Matt wasted no time sweeping up Angie for the first chat, with Jamie jumping in line and bagging the second chat of the night. Kayde, who was not there to make friends, gave Jamie exactly three minutes with Angie before stealing her for a chat.

Carlin then pulled Angie away from the chaos and serenaded her with a song. Kayde jumped in and attempted to steal the limelight with his guitar skills.

With the cocktail party wrapping up, the boys circled for Angie’s attention. They were eager to impress and receive the coveted 24-Hour Rose; all except Jess, who wasted no time in telling the boys that he would return it, if he were the chosen one.

It wasn’t long before brother Brad caught wind of the remark and immediately reported back to Angie. Infuriated, Angie confronted Jess about the situation who denied the rumours, saying that it was a case of miscommunication.

This sent the cocktail party into chaos as Jess accused Jamie of calling him out, to get ahead in the competition. Upon hearing the accusations, Jamie broke down in tears.

Stepping away from the drama, Timm circled back to Angie to check up on how she was feeling. Angie found him to be incredibly sweet in his own quirky way.

Re-entering the cocktail party, Osher revealed the secret Angie had been hiding – that “Mark” was actually Brad, Angie’s younger brother – much to the boys surprise.

As Brad and Angie stepped away for a private chat, he suggested that she give the 24-Hour Rose should go to Matt, Carlin or Jackson as they seemed the most genuine and there for the right reasons. After careful consideration, Angie chose Carlin for the extended time prize.

At the rose ceremony, with only 18 roses to hand out, Angie said goodbye to 37-year-old Victorian mobile zoo owner Josh and 25-year-old New South Wales heating technician Oliver.