Transplant Time For Hendrix

Transplant Time For Hendrix

Tonight’s a big night on Neighbours as one of our favourites heads to the hospital for life-changing surgery.

For those who haven’t tuned into the drama on Ramsay Street for a while, Hendrix (Benjamin Turland) has been diagnosed with Pumlonary Fibrosis, requiring a lung transplant within the next three years in order to survive.

After almost self-sabotaging his chance of new lungs, Hendrix fast-tracked his wedding to Mackenzie (Georgie Stone) earlier this week so that the pair would be married before he went under the knife. And now the big day has arrived.

Hendrix is chipper as he prepares breakfast for Susan (Jackie Woodburne), Pierce (Tim Robards) and Mackenzie, and as the day continues, he receives well-wishes from best mate Levi (Richie Morris) and former flame Harlow (Jemma Donovan). Only Mackenzie can see through his charade as he heads off to surgery.

Will everything go to plan?

Written by Elizabeth Packet, the first half of this double episode is full of nice character moments as we head towards the show’s final month.

Neighbours airs 6:30pm Monday-Thursday on 10Peach.


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