Hendrix’s Heartbreaking Goodbye

Hendrix’s Heartbreaking Goodbye

Tonight, Neighbours fans were hit with heartbreak in an episode you need to catch up on if you haven’t seen it already.

Ahead of his surgery to receive new lungs, Hendrix (Benjamin Turland) said goodbye to his loved ones, leaving new wife Mackenzie (Georgie Stone), and Karl & Susan (Alan Fletcher and Jackie Woodburne) desperately hoping the surgery would be a success.

It’s a tough night for all of Hendrix’s nearest and dearest, but the stress is soon relieved when Karl notifies everyone that the operation couldn’t have gone any better. And for the first time in weeks, a wave of relief washes over Hendrix and Mackenzie.

However, nothing is ever smooth sailing in Erinsborough.

As Hendrix starts to struggle breathing, doctors make the devastating discovery that his body is rejecting the new lungs, meaning he only has hours left to live.

In a series of emotional scenes, Hendrix says goodbye to his loved ones, fighting through the pain to cherish his final moments with them. Karl and Susan, struggling to hold back tears, tell him they love him like son. While the truly heartbreaking goodbye comes when Mackenzie, and parents Lisa (Jane Allsop) and Pierce (Tim Robards), tell him it was okay to go.

Written by Sarah Mayberry, the episode hit every emotional beat as a true masterclass was on display. Ben and Georgie in particular excelled, having gone from strength the strength as this storyline has progressed. And it’s clear Georgie is going to deliver a performance of a lifetime in the heartbreaking aftermath that won’t want to be missed.

With only a month to go before the show wraps up for good, it appears the residents of Erinsbrough aren’t going quietly.

Neighbours airs 6:30pm Monday-Thursday on 10Peach.


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