Totally Completely Fine Review

Totally Completely Fine Review

Today, Stan releases its next Australian original in Totally Completely Fine.

Totally Completely Fine tells the story of Vivian Cunningham (Thomasin McKenzie) who is a literal hot mess when we meet her, having set her brother John’s (Rowan Whitt) food truck on fire after falling asleep next to an unattended vape.

Things only get worse when her other brother Hendrix (Brandon McCelland) breaks the news that their much-loved grandfather has died, and much to John’s annoyance, Vivian is the one who’s inherited the house.

But things aren’t as glossy as they appear as the cliff-top in her new backyard is a prime location for people wanting to end it all. And when runaway bride Amy (Contessa Treffone) is on the ledge later that night, the two strike up an interesting dynamic.

With the help of her next-door neighbour, psychologist Dane (Devon Terrel), and a determination to prove her brothers wrong, Vivian begins a path that may help her move forward from some unresolved trauma and step away from the ledge herself.

Creator Gretel Vella is aware of the tough subject matter of Totally Completely Fine, with content warnings before each episode. While there’s a touch of dark comedy, this series isn’t for the faint of heart. With compelling performances from its leading cast, you’ll be hooked for the six 40-minute episodes.

3.5 Stars

Totally Completely Fine is now streaming on Stan.


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