Botox And Bad Days As A Sports Person

Botox And Bad Days As A Sports Person

Tonight, another celebrity succumbed to the public vote, when it was time to say goodbye to former international Wallaby, Nick Cummins.

Dom and Nathan went deep behind the reality TV curtain, opening up about what it’s really like on MAFS and Geordie Shore. Revealing the drama you see on screen is the cast reacting to what they’re being told instead of seeing altercations firsthand, they realised they were addicted to the process but hope people going in realise you need to have a thick skin.

Adam, Nick and Liz chatted about the good and bad days you have as a sport person, telling the other celebs you feel terrible when you play bad, and it ruins your week. Not only that, but the sacrifice and discipline it takes to play for your country and relationships that fall by the wayside as result.

And anyone for a little bo bo? Harry revealed he has botox, as does Dom. Aesha’s had it and hated it while Deb and Liz prefer to age gracefully with Liz claiming she’d rather spend that money on wine instead of injections. Just another day of deep convos in the South African jungle!

Sideling into camp, Dr Chris Brown and Julia Morris broke the news that it was Nick who was leaving the jungle. Making an entrance in the Cliffhanger trial, Nick reached new heights and scored full stars alongside leggy Liz Ellis. Teaching the other celebs how to crack a whip, Nick also created the creek hot springs, taught Dom about bush critters, chatted a whole bunch of sport and fatherhood with Dicko, Adam and Woody and reminded Australia of his best one liners.

On departure, Nick chose Aesha to take part in the Stinking Ship trial on Sunday plus another celebrity will be farewelled from camp.


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